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Our Services At TRUEMED Pharmacy, we work with the community and the people in it to give you the best service possible. Experience the difference for yourself in TRUEMED PHARMACY.

50 % discount on Natures Bounty and Sundown vitamins
Competitive pricing
Senior discount on OTC's
Most insurance plans accepted
Complete financial print outs for income tax and insurance
Fast Friendly Service

A Convenient Option

Transfers and Refills

For prescription medicine transfers and refills, please give us a call. All you have to do is give your data and we will get your prescriptions transferrred. they will be ready before you walk in the store. or if you prefer them deilivered, let us know ALWAYS REMEMBER, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE YOUR PHARMACY, NO MATTER WHAT, INCLUDING MEDICAID INSURED CUSTOMERS(locked in patients can chose to change)
Transfer Rx Refill Rx

For prescription medicine transfers and refills, Get in touch with us.

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